The X Invitational

Event & Travel Tech at Our Core


  • Much like any organization we have evolved over the years of our existence. When we began our journey the internet didn’t exist and travel operated via fax. Today, technology is at the core of the travel experience and the heart of our team. The team at Tournkey is developing a long list of event and travel tools to support the needs of coaches, organizations, and the hundreds of stakeholders in the event and travel community.

World-Class Athletic Experiences


  • Our team has been a part of the event community since 1994. We’ve supported teams, schools, colleges, and events around the globe while building our own event portfolio. We’ve managed world and national championships while managing an expanding portfolio of grassroots sporting events. At the core of it all is our extensive and experienced travel team who make sure your only responsibility is to decide where you’re going and enjoy the competition.

Events, Travel, and Experiences


  • The X Invitational, our flagship collegiate event brand, is where our service and expertise collide. Our expanding collegiate portfolio has provided us the opportunity to learn about the experiences coaches have and improve upon those expectations. Our passion for events is unmatched and we’re committed to making you just as passionate about our events as we are.

A Comprehensive Event Experience


  • For decades, we’ve witnessed events come and go resulting from new opportunities and ideas. We’ve partnered with events that roll out a premium experience and we’ve seen event owners operate a skeleton event focused on all ranges of volume. Our team believes travel is a privilege but also an opportunity to experience the world. We define The X as an experience. The brand itself was born from the idea that events should exceed expectations; we’ve heard for years that collegiate events are an underwhelming experience and we decided to reshape the way these experiences are delivered.

What They Are Saying

Appreciate all you do, Slugs had a blast!

– Ron DuBois, UC Santa Cruz Men’s Basketball – San Diego 2019

Thank you so much for hosting us out in San Diego! Our girls loved the experience and we made many great memories. We loved the trip and appreciate all you did to arrange and manage it. Hopefully we can come back out and do it again!

– Brandon Lokken, Lake State Superior Women’s Basketball – San Diego 2019

It was an awesome experience. It was first class and as a coach it took off so much pressure trying to arrange thousands of logistic details. The girls loved it and it was a positive experience for them. Thank you for everything!!!!!

– Darrell Jernigan, Clemson Women’s Tennis – San Diego 2019

The trip was excellent. We could easily get a hold of you whether it was in preparation or during the trip. San Diego was awesome and there’s a lot to do that’s close. And Indian Wells. That was an amazing experience. We will come back again.

– Chris Gustas, Wartburg Men’s & Women’s Tennis – San Diego 2019

Your organization and attention to detail for each team is noteworthy AND helpful and certainly a step above what I have experienced in past travels.

– Kate Mullen, Wesleyan Women’s Basketball – Miami 2018

We enjoyed the trip to Miami. The hotel and area was perfect. It was a good trip and we appreciate all your hospitality.

– Judy Blinstrub, Babson Women’s Basketball – Miami 2018

We had a great time in Miami! Everything was organized which allowed for us to enjoy our experience on and off the court. The accommodations were beautiful and we were in a great location. I loved how there was more to our trip than basketball games. We attending a Miami Heat game, played corn hole, ate at food trucks and had an opportunity to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club. These were all included in the price of the package and are experiences no one else is offering!

– Lindsay Samaniego, California Lutheran Women’s Basketball – Miami 2018

From the moment I inquired about the trip, to our departure, the personal service and attention was outstanding. The organizers were informative and easily accessible the entire trip. Everything was very organized and detailed from the tennis to the community service to knowing the area and did an awesome job with the weather!

– Jamie Peterson, Women’s Tennis Towson University – San Diego 2019

What's Next?

Our team has been a lot of things over nearly 30 years, but what we’ve never been is a tech firm or a creative agency. As our team continues to evolve and expand we’re becoming something new, a product doesn’t exist, and most importantly it helps solve everyday problems that our customers face.
As we build and bring more value to our partners our network continues to expand presenting new opportunities to serve our community. Our philosophy is simple, we are committed to providing more users in our ecosystem with their own digital home-field advantage. Meaning tools that fit consumer needs as well as the needs of suppliers, partners, event owners, hotels, and destinations. Expanding our team, our tools, and our partnerships will continue to drive value to the end-user and with the end-user, in mind, our team will continue to excel.